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Botanical Garden

Play from Anywhere!

Railway of Riddles Whodunnit can be played from our mobile app on a trail near you! 

Geo Clues can be played from any computer. We had classrooms and teachers in mind. Let us know if you like them and we'll make more!

Geo Clues

Deduce the Mystery Location!

Free virtual adventures and teaching resources! Unlock the power of exploration with Riddle Routes’ Geo Clues. This activity encourages curiosity and investigation by having students use the clues provided to determine the mystery location. With internet research and the help of Google Earth, students can build their geography skills and gain the opportunity for cultural learning. It's a fun and unique way to explore the world no matter where you are. If you love Mystery Skype or Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, then just download and go. Happy exploring!

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