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Railway of Riddles
  • Railway of Riddles

    *This game can be played on any walking path. The challenges and distance between clues increase as you go. Just keeping walking and solving!* Be sure to enter the best phone number at checkout as we will text your unique game access link. ðŸ“²


    This murder mystery is loosely based on an actual Pacific Express train event that occured at Starvation Creek, between Cascade Locks and Hood River. We created the game with the walk from Starvation Creek trailhead to Viento State Park in mind, but it can be played anywhere you can walk for 2 miles! Note that you will turn around when the train does, halfway through the story, unless you want to keep walking- which we fully support!


    This game is great for anyone who loves historical fiction, whodunnits, choose-your-own-adventure, escape rooms and riddle/puzzle solving of all sorts! We'll get you warmed up and make sure you've read your character descriptions, then the challenges really start!  


    It's December, 1884 and Lady Huntington cordially invites you to join the inaugural voyage of her splendid passenger train, utlizing groundbreaking technology, through the majestic Columbia River Gorge. As you continue your journey down the tracks, the tale will unfold. 


    Roles for your team:

    • Story & Clue Reader (phone holder)
    • Detectives (note takers of pertinent evidence obtained)
    • Background Checkers (have the evidence files pulled up and ready to review! We'll give you these as a link and download.)
    • Sleuths: All of you working together!
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