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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Should I Prepare for my Route?

You'll receive the game access text (for 1 team) right away. 

The team captain should charge their phone. They will download and open the game app using the emailed access info. 

All team members should wear comfortable shoes and consider the weather.

The average route walking distance is 2 miles and take an average of 2 hours to complete. 

Feel free to bring your dog and take breaks along the route!

What happens if there's an issue with my phone?

The username and password you will be provided can only be used once so play from a reliable device.

The average charged phone battery is more than enough to play.

If your phone's battery is weak, we suggest using a different phone. 

You can play even if you do not have good service in the area as long as you open the game before you start, while you have service/wifi. 

How many people can be on a team?

We recommend teams of 2-4 people since the game is played from just 1 phone. 

If you have 2+ teams playing, reach out for a group discount! Our automated system is not yet set up to send multiple tickets so we will give you a password for each team captain after purchase.

Can I change the day/time I booked?

Sure thing! The unique game access info that was emailed to you after purchase will be there for you whenever you're ready to play. 

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Are your games dog and/or kid friendly?

Yes! With the exception of Lithia Park on our Ashland Trivia Hunt, all our routes are dog-friendly.

Kids can certainly play and enjoy the Trivia Hunts so long as there is an adult on the team too. Geo Clues were made for students of most ages! As for the Whodunnits, these are Murder Mysteries and are also quite a bit more challenging than the other games so I'd rate them PG-13.

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