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Carlsbad Village Trivia Hunt
  • Carlsbad Village Trivia Hunt

    Be sure to enter the best phone number at checkout as we will text your unique game access link. 📲

    Looking for fun things to do in Carlsbad? Riddle Routes’ Trivia Hunt is the perfect way to explore Carlsbad Village, California and learn more about the area! This unique walking tour is a blend of geocaching, scavenger hunt, trivia night and Amazing Race. It is game guided by our mobile app, so you can play anytime. Navigate to missions, solve riddles and puzzles, answer trivia and earn points for the leaderboard. Discover local gems, history and culture while taking in beautiful views.

    It's also a great team building activity for friends, family, dates, coworkers, field trips, corporate events and large groups. Contact us first if purchasing for multiple teams.

    Gather your crew and let the game be your guide!

    Price is per team (1 phone)

    Route: 2 miles, moderate walk      
    Time: ≈ 3 hours (suggest daylight hours)

    Challenge Level: 7/10

    Dog-friendly: Yes!

    Wheelchair/stroller friendly: Yes!

    How to Play: Upon purchase you’ll receive an emailed download (option to print second page) and game access via text. Go to the starting location with your team and begin playing! Each riddle guides you along the route and loops you back to the start.

    What you Need:

    - Your team of 2-4 people

    - Fully charged phone and a notepad.

    - Comfortable shoes, weather-ready gear & water

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