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Riddle Routes

Explore. Solve. Discover.

Sparking curiosity through  game-guided exploration

Have fun learning as you solve puzzles, riddles and trivia to uncover insights!

Get your steps and sunshine in while you navigate and explore. Dog approved!

Team-building for dates, friends, family, coworkers, field trips and more!

Discover & support great local businesses.

Just 1 purchase per team!

Give back to teachers with every Riddle Routes purchase!

Southern California
Trivia Hunts
Murder Mysteries
Geo Clues

Coming soon!

Let the Game be Your Guide!

Experience a unique twist on traditional walking tours with Riddle Routes' Trivia Hunts. Discover the history, culture, and local gems as you navigate by foot around the downtown map. Our hunts are designed to be fun and educational for all ages, and are dog-friendly. Get your brain and body working with these 24/7 app-guided trivia hunts. It's a great team activity for tourists, newcomers, families, friends, colleagues, or even date days. So, if you're a fan of trivia nights, geocaching, Amazing Race, walking tours, or scavenger hunts, then let's play! 

Solve a Cold Case on the Town!

Immerse yourself in historical fiction as you embark on a thrilling journey with Riddle Routes' Murder Mysteries. Assemble your team and work together to solve a fictional whodunnit based on local history. Follow the mobile app as it guides you through the historic streets gathering clues, solving riddles and puzzles to discover who committed the crime. Perfect for those who love escape rooms, murder mysteries, and ghost tours, this interactive activity will challenge your detective skills and have you hooked from start to finish.

Deduce the Mystery Location!

Free virtual adventures and teaching resources! Unlock the power of exploration with Riddle Routes’ Geo Clues. This activity encourages curiosity and investigation by having students use the clues provided to determine the mystery location. With internet research and the help of Google Earth, students can build their geography skills and gain the opportunity for cultural learning. It's a fun and unique way to explore the world no matter where you are. If you love Mystery Skype or Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, then just download and go. Happy exploring!



A portion of our profits go to supporting teachers through donations for classroom needs. You pay enough out of your own wages! 



Just tell us how you spark curiosity and wonder in your students, and let us know what items you're looking to add to your classroom. 




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