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Bend Murder Mystery
  • Bend Murder Mystery

    Death by Moonshine

    *COMING SOON* A historical fiction whodunnit

    It was 1918, just two years after prohibition came to the "Oregon Outback." Bend was full of rough characters, hard-working loggers, and business prospectors. The thirst for bootleg whiskey and moonshine was on the rise, and so was the explosive (literally…with dynamite!) retaliation against Prohibition officers.  Liquor could be secretly stored in old, rural homestead shanties and ancient lava caves, then transported at night via the river and underground tunnels in town. The secrecy, paranoia, greed, consumption and violence was palpable. Amongst the mayhem, a murder takes place...

    We'll share the riddles, clues, puzzles, cyphers and messages left by the maniacal killer who was never caught. Can you figure out whodunnit, solve this cold case, and help Aisling rest in peace?

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