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Explore downtown Bend, Oregon
Fun group activity

Discover What Lies Ahead in

Bend, Oregon

 with Riddle Routes!

Bend Routes

Just 1 purchase per team/phone!

1. Purchase your team's route☝️

2. Access game via our text message

3. Navigate to clue GPS locations

4. Complete all the challenges

5. Laugh, learn, walk, talk, spot, stop. Play at your pace and enjoy!

5. Check your status on the leaderboard

How To Play

How to Play Riddle Routes

Team Fun in Bend, OR

Osprey's Revenge - 11_edited.jpg

Riddle Routes' Recipe for Fun

Dash of

Scavenger Hunt

Mix with

Walking Tour

Sprinkle of

Geocaching or Treasure Map

Stir in

Trivia, Riddles, Puzzles or Escape Game Clues


24/7, 365.. Even open holidays!

Ready to discover more of Bend, Oregon?

Whether you're planning a visit to Bend, considering moving to Central Oregon, or locals looking for fun things to do- Riddle Routes offer a fun way to discover something new and get to know the history, mystery and culture of Bend, Oregon. You'll explore art, learn local legends and favorite spots, and sightsee all while soaking up beautiful downtown scenery, challenging your team's skills and getting your steps in!

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