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I'm Brenda, the proud owner of Riddle Routes – a woman-owned small business. Back in 2016, my sister and I, both teachers with a love for adventure, came up with the idea for our first route. We kicked off Bend, Oregon's original scavenger hunt! Our inspiration came from my sister's awesome itineraries for fun local activities whenever I visited from San Diego, combined with our obsession with the Clue board game, and our passion for making learning exciting.

During our summer breaks, we had some time to dedicate to our side gig. We worked to put a unique, intriguing twist on walking tours that are good for brain and body- teaching history and culture and supporting local businesses along the way. And guess what? It worked! We grew to other towns we adore. Fast forward to 2023, and I'm going all in on Riddle Routes. We've got a fresh mobile app, killer Murder Mystery games, and cool teacher resources that encourage exploration.

Come join us for a journey of trivia, observation, navigation, riddles, puzzles and mysteries, all while discovering wonderful local gems!

What We Do

Sparking Curiosity through Engaging Experiences

Riddle Routes are interactive mobile games that combine the thrill of solving riddles with the excitement of exploring new places. Our experiences provide teams with a unique and engaging way to discover hidden gems, landmarks, and attractions by foot in their town or while traveling. Whether you're locals looking for a fun adventure or tourists seeking an immersive experience, Riddle Routes offers an exciting journey filled with trivia, clues, and puzzles that lead your team to various locations and insights.

Are you ready to discover something new? 

Let the game be your guide!

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We only want people to have fun team-building and learning experiences. If you're not fully satisfied, please reach out so we will make it right. 

Email, call, text or IG message!

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